Founded in 2003 in China, TAYO was founded by Chinese-foreign joint venture companies. The total investment of the company is RMB 2.6 billion. TAYO is the first national company to receive the exclusive AEO senior technology certificate. The TAYO firm is based on an area of 600 acres and has an existing staff of about 1600 person.  

The ZONTES trademark is one of the trademarks of TAYO which targets motorcycles with large and medium engine sizes. TAYO is a company focused on new inventions and innovation. It has 256 Visual Patent, 121 Utility Model Patent, 36 Invention Patent and 3 Guandong Science and Technology Innovation Award. More than 100 National and City Leaders visited TAYO and examined the motorcycles produced closely.

Company strategy of ZONTES is focesed on The material structure of the products produced, production technology, sensitivity process, intelligent control, energy-saving, environmental protection, safety and durablity.

ZONTES aims to reduce pollution in the environment by reducing the exhaust emission values and by gaining efficiency and reliability in the production of small-volume motorcycles with  new technology and research breakthroughs.

In the first half of 2016, ZONTES entered the Turkish market under the roof of the UMA (Ugur Motor Vehicles INC.), collecting Everything About the Motorcycle under the roof. ZONTES serves in the motorcycle sector in Turkey with its quality and reliable motorcycle models, extensive spare parts and service network, after sales service and marketing activities.